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Anglerfish is an Action, Adventure, and Horror game for PC published by Professional Villains in 2022. Good balance between what the author wants to do and kindness!

Anglerfish PC Game 2022 Overview:

The author is full of playfulness, and there are many jokes and meta remarks, and it feels like the author is doing whatever he wants. It’s similar to what’s commonly called a “death game”.

Anglerfish PC Game Free Download

The fun of dying: Welcome to Anglerfish. Your secluded bar in Mols mountains. Here you will experience the true survival horror of dating, which means you will die multiple times. Every time you die, you must start the game over, but something always changes when you try again to survive your night out. Every change in your new run is handcrafted based on where and how you died. This means dying is a stimulating thing.

What will you do on your adventure? You will try to survive your wildest night ever. To do this you must undercover the secrets hidden deep down in Anglerfish’s core by exploring every nook and cranny and solve the buried mysteries. But disturbing forcers will try to keep you from the truth, so you must be ready to fight back by blasting their heads off.

Based on a true psychological horror story: One of your friends from work is getting married. You’re at his bachelor party with all of your colleagues at the bar, Anglerfish. It’s Look-a-like Thursday, so you fit in naturally with your schoolgirl uniform. You all have a friendly competition to see who will be the best man at the wedding. But your good time comes to an abrupt end, when the secrets of Anglerfish call for the last drink of the night.

Features of Anglerfish:

  •  You can pet the dog.
  •  The game only saves when you die.
  •  Every time you die, something changes.
  •  Dying can be a good thing.
  •  A shotgun is a great ice breaker on a date.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: TBA
  • Graphics: TBA
  • Storage: 376 MB available space

File Size: 375.57 MB

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