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AMazing TD is an Action, Adventure, and Strategy game for PC published by Go4 Entertainment in 2021. Control everything from the top!

AMazing TD PC Game 2021 Overview:

This game started from StarCraft 2 Use map Full Random Tower Defense Entropy TD. It’s all different from the topography and tower cost.

AMazing TD PC Game Free Download

The character quality is just mediocre. It feels like a wooden doll moving. The terrain itself is a cell-by-cell layout anyway, so it doesn’t affect the game’s intuitiveness very much. Still, it is on the monotonous side. Overall, the number of character graphics itself is not very high, and the terrain quality or object quality is insufficient.
Since it is a game based on randomness, there is a point that you do not know what will happen all the time. If Korean-style fantasies are mainly based on cost punishment for upgrades or random basis in a unit generation, this game can find randomness in terrain, mob composition, unit price, gimmick, etc. That’s why the randomness of the other way hurts the head, but it gives a different feel to the existing Randy. It can be said that it is somewhat original. One-on-one multiplayer is also supported, and single rankings that challenge maps that change daily or weekly are also supported. There is something to do in moderation.
However, despite this game nature, the difficulty of being a barrier to entry since the days of the StarCraft 2 Use Map has been intact. Since the game method is different from other games and the balancing design is close to poor quality, all games end very shortly, except in the case of multiplayer Tikitaka. At most 10 to 15 minutes. Average 8 minutes. we can’t take it easy. If it’s TD, we really want to do it alone, but we can’t. As it was released by gamification on Steam with this part intact, it did not exceed 5 hours even though the multiplayer was actually 3-4 and 20-30 singles. Currently, if you look at the top in the in-game ranking list, there is no one that is so long per game.

Features of AMazing TD:

  • Sounds are good
  • Great gameplay
  • Fun story
  • Graphics are ok

Minimum System Requirements:


File Size: 1.22 GB

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