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Quickly Quackley is an Action, Adventure, and Platformer game for PC published by Black Country Games in 2021.

Quickly Quackley PC Game 2021 Overview:

If one day you are angry with everyone and want to blame it on a duck, play a few levels and have your aorta explode. Excellent service.

Quickly Quackley PC Game Free Download

Quickly feels great to control. As someone who’s obsessed with movement, the curve of the jump is amazing in this game. You do fall really fast, which makes for a lot of challenge when you have to dash through a small opening, but that’s also part of what makes it satisfying. This curve is emphasized by the adorable squash and stretch that makes Quackley look squishy (in a good way).
The only specific complaint that we have about the movement is that you can’t stomp from wall sliding, but that seems intentional, and it’s probably just a personal taste thing. The game is really hard (5-2, the bane of our existence), but it’s also beatable. As someone who’s relatively bad at video games, we spent a good 3.5 hours beating it. If the time limit is too stressful for you, you can always use practice mode to remove it.
One thing that really stood out to us is that there’s a water world, and it’s good. The music is really nice, and the controls are actually good. It’s a nice break after the timing hell of world 5. The art is great, we love that aesthetic even though we’ve never had a ZX Spectrum. The colors are vibrant without making the screen sickeningly saturated, somehow, and if you don’t like them you can always switch to the monochrome mode.

Features of Quickly Quackley:

  • Overall level design is nice.
  • Dash is a good mechanic
  • The story is funny.
  • There are two graphical options, one to make the game 1.5 bit and one to make the game look like as if it was made in the ZX Spectrum.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: i5 (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: On-Board
  • Storage: 250 MB available space

File Size: 113.81 MB

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