Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX PC Game Free Download

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Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is an Action, Adventure, and Platformer game for PC published by Merge Games in 2021.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX PC Game 2021 Overview:

The remake version of Sega’s original work, the player controls Alex to embark on an adventure to defeat the Guess King to save the people of Ladakhshian.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX PC Game Free Download

The overall system is relatively simple. The main attack method used is punching. You can get a throwing ring weapon by breaking the question mark on the way through the barrier. In addition, there are vehicles that can also attack. Both weapons and vehicles can be obtained from the merchant, that is, the number of uses is only Once, you can no longer use it after GG. It should be noted that Alex only needs to be attacked by an enemy once. Since the operation feels a little fluttering, it is easy to hit the enemy model when falling from the platform and jumping, so pay attention to micro-manipulation when playing.

The length of each level of the game is not long, but the difficulty of going through the level is still a bit high, especially after swimming through the terrain with spikes up and down, and GG reappears with a shake of your hand, and you have opened infinite life and tried no less than a dozen times. It succeeded, we can only say that the production team is too horrible and interesting. In order to experience the level, it is recommended that the handicapped party start with the unlimited life option to play, otherwise the first level will be choking. In addition, the game does not have a time ranking list, and there is no need to torture yourself.

Features of Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX:

  • The new graphics are magnificent.
  • Alex Kidd’s movements are nearly similar to the original and at the same time more dynamic. The best of the two worlds.
  • The original counts 17 levels, in this one you have 5 more and 1 completely remade. These news levels don’t just bring more hours of gameplay they also bring new enemies and new environments.
  • The capsule B (shield) item has been remade too. It’s better now.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.80GHz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000-5000 series (game in 720p)

File Size: 319.12 MB

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