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Ultimate Spider Man is an Action, Adventure, and Open World game for PC published by Activision in 2005. The hero is here to save the day!

Ultimate Spider Man PC Game 2005 Overview:

The game begins with a summary of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) explaining that his father and Eddie Brock’s father worked together for Trask Industries to find a way to cure cancer.

Ultimate Spider Man PC Game Free Download

It enhanced his normal superhuman abilities to new levels, but the suit tried to consume him and ultimately drained him from the experience. Eddie later finds out what Peter did and takes the rest of the suit for himself, thus Venom is born. Venom catches the attention of Peter in his institute and he goes down to confront Eddie. They face each other on the high school soccer field on a rainy night, before spreading out into the middle of a street where Venom is believed to have been killed by a downed power line from the fight. Three months later, Parker has resumed his normal life and has forgotten about Venom.
After stopping the Shaker, Spider-Man ends up in a race against the Human Torch. Meanwhile, Eddie, who actually survived the crash, has been forced to feed off the life energy of random people in a Manhattan park to prevent the suit from consuming him. He shows his strength in a fight with Wolverine in a bar, and then depending on how you made the fight, Venom may or may not be thrown into the building next to the bar. If you can get it right, Logan will be the one thrown into the building. Venom wins and the game goes down in Peter’s story.

Features of Ultimate Spider Man:

  • You will face Venom
  • Shocker will be there
  • Wolverine will race with you
  • You will also face Venom with symbiotes

Requested By Noel James

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent.
  • CPU SPEED: 1.2 GHz.
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • OS: Windows 2000 or XP only.
  • VIDEO CARD: 3D hardware accelerated card – DirectX 9.0c compliant 64 MB video card (NVIDIA GeForce2+ / ATI Radeon 7500+)
  • 3D: Yes.

File Size: s1s MB

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